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Full-Weekend Badge Set Giveaway

This giveaway, hosted by @HardLuckHero (David Lucio), for PAX Prime 2016 badges (aka PAX West), is not directly affiliated with Penny-arcade in any way. The giveaway will go on until August 6th, and the winner will be drawn on-stream that evening. Entry for this contest MUST happen prior to the giveaway date. Any step not completed beforehand will result in disqualification. Winners will be notified via Email, at which point contact information will be collected SOLELY for the purpose of badge retrieval. PAX Prime 2016 takes place from Sept. 2-5, in Seattle, WA, USA. Travel and stay are not included in this giveaway; the winner is responsible for obtaining these accommodations themselves. Once the winner has obtained the badge, David Lucio is no longer responsible for actions taken with it. Note: The previous giveaway, involving donations to the Child's Play charity, was stopped for potential risk of violation of Twitch's terms of service. Apologies to anyone who planned to enter, and no money was exchanged in the process. Additional inquiries can be emailed to David Lucio at and will be responded to at his earliest convenience.